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Magee Brother's Beaverton School

Beaverton, OR



(503) 646-3183


Magee Brother's Beaverton School
4500 SW Watson Ave
Beaverton, OR 97005

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4500 SW Watson Ave Beaverton, OR, 97005 Map


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Bonnie Goodno says:
I had an appointment this morning. I showed up but the student did not. They should have to call at least a half hour before you open for appointments if they are not coming. Also if they went home sick the day before you should call the early morning people so they have a chance to change time if need too. I am very tired of showing up and not getting my service I planned on. It has happened more than I like. I hate to see how they will hold a full time job out of the school with this work performance. I am so sorry I have a gift certificate now because so the service I am getting at least every third time I make an appointment. Hope you can make some changes to improve customer service. I have been coming a long time but am tired of the no shows. Thanks Bonnie